A New York City native who spent her teen years in LA, Melissa Silverman is a visual thinker whose work shows a perfect blend of real life, comedy, and quirk. She is inspired by everything from the colorful characters of her downtown neighborhood to remote Icelandic landscapes (think population of two and some puffin). Her eclectic swirl of influences shows clearly in her work. Immediately out of college, Melissa started directing MTV On-Air Promos where she conceptualized, wrote and directed many award-winning promotional campaigns, including many for the VMAs, and has directed Madonna, Conan O'Brien, and the Foo Fighters, among others. In fact, it was Melissa who cast Jennifer Lawrence in her first role in a promo campaign for My Super Sweet 16, which earned Jennifer her SAG card.

Melissa’s path to commercial directing was paved by her ability to coax natural, genuine performances out of every type of talent imaginable. From celebrities to unknown improv players, from stadium rock gods to mariachi bands—you name it, she’s made them shine. Her keen photographic eye spotlights her casts in bold, fresh compositions, never settling for the visually expected. Mix those skills with her love of crafting subtle situational comedy, and it’s no wonder Melissa’s work pops.

Her commercial campaigns include Universal, McDonalds, BET, United Way, Cooking Channel, Breyers, Genworth Financial, Tuborg Beer, Motorola, and Starz/DIRECTV . She was nominated for an Emmy for her Nickelodeon work, and has won awards from the Art Director's Club, D&AD, PromaxBDA, RESfest and TELLY. She is proud to be a part of Free the Bid.

Melissa’s long-form work includes the recently completed, Funny or Die featured, comedy series All Over It that she co-created and co-directed with fellow MTV Alumni Ted Pauly. All Over It is a situation comedy about the exploits of a scrappy band of co-working/co-living Philadelphia artists trying desperately to sell out to the first available bidder, without injuring themselves or each other.

Just as she was in her childhood, Melissa continues to be bicoastal, splitting her time between LA and NYC.