New work for Maybelline x The Bachelorette
Jul 08, 2022

 Screen Shot 2022-07-12 at 3.00.06 PM.jpeg

✨Thanks to Serena Pitt and Joe Amabile and to everyone at Riverside Entertainment, Disney Creative Works and Maybelline for having me onboard for such a fun shoot for Maybelline x The Bachelorette ✨ Also, it’s Female Filmmaker Friday which I like to think is Female Filmmaker every day! You can watch it here.

Love the Free The Work love!
Apr 27, 2022


Thank you to Free The Work for continuing to be a champion for all creative people and for fostering such an amazing community. I recommend checking out the FTB website and getting involved if you haven't already! PS: Birdie continues to be avail for all your on-camera roles lol. 

Becoming a Green The Bid Ambassador
Aug 19, 2021

I'm thrilled to be joining Green The Bid as an Ambassador. GTB are doing amazing work to "shift our industry to zero-waste, carbon neutral, sustainable and regenerative practices." and establish sustainable productions. Please take some time to explore the Green The Bid website to learn how you can get involved. There are amazing resources and actions that we all can be taking today to make a difference.

You can find me at Free The Work now too!
Sep 01, 2020

I'm excited to continue to be a part of the ongoing evolution of Free the Bid now Free the Work. Their commitment to creating a "..curated talent discovery platform of underrepresented creators" is incredible. I highly recommend you spend some time exploring the work and hopefully making some new talent discoveries. You can find my Free the Work director's profile HERE!

Screen Shot 2020-09-01 at 9.22.31 AM.png

More Free the Bid Love!
Mar 15, 2018


Thanks to Free the Bid for highlighting my recent work with Funny Or Die, Panera Bread and fellow Free the Bid supporter Anomaly. Free the Bid is doing amazing and important work to promote all female filmmakers and I'm proud to be a part of this initiative. Click HERE to read all about the making of my latest brand piece Funny Or Die "Panera Bread Has An Important Message About Breakfast."

Thank you Free the Bid South Africa!
Feb 23, 2018

FreetheBidSA_image2.tiffI am super excited to be featured by Free the Bid South Africa. Thank you for all that you and Free the Bid worldwide do to support all female filmmakers everywhere! Full mention can be found here.

New Year, New York with Funny or Die and Panera Bread!
Feb 21, 2018

FunnyorDie_Still2.tiffI'm very excited to share my latest work which is a really fun collaboration with Funny or Die, Panera Bread and Anomaly. Please enjoy "Panera Bread Has An Important Message About Breakfast" and remember to respect your breakfast! 

HMH Videos coming soon!
Mar 29, 2017


I recently directed an amazingly fun series of kids 'how to' videos that I can't wait to share with you.

My new Breyers work for you! (Yes you!)
Apr 20, 2016

Melissa Silverman News
I'm happy to share some of my latest work for Bryers Gelato. We had a blast shooting these spots (more to come from the campaign soon) and I think I can say that I've discovered my new favorite food group… yum. Please check out Breyers Gelato "Your Turn" here!

On set with OWN
Mar 01, 2016

Melissa Silverman News
What a treat working with the great team at OWN on a series of branded segments with Gretchen Rubin. The shoot was fun and filled with incredible insights from Gretchen. I know I left feeling inspired by her unique perspective. I can't wait to share the work with you soon!

Yandex Cat-astrophe
Oct 20, 2015

Melissa Silverman News
Oof ok sorry that is a terrible pun. Totally corny territory that I travelled boldly into here and for that I apologize. BUT this is exciting times. I just worked with not one but TWO amazing twin cats who could wreak havoc on command. These doods were total pros. Don't take my word for it, you can watch their work here! Thanks to the great people at Yandex, Action Film and BBDO Moscow for an incredibly fun shoot.

AOI meets FOD!
Jun 25, 2015

Melissa Silverman News
You can now check out All Over It in its entirety over at Funny or Die. Find our resident Batatat Collective over there in all their creative collective-ness splendor. They'll make room for you on the couch. And please vote it up! You guys are the best. No really, you are. xo

Vimeo Video School Creator Q&A features ALL OVER IT!
May 14, 2015

Melissa Silverman News
Ted and I were super excited to be part of the Vimeo Creator Q&A: Series on Series on Series series (yes, I added that last one for effect… )We are thrilled that All Over It is in such incredible company and loved hearing about everyone else's experiences as series creators. I recommend having a look at this 2-Part Q&A. Check them out! Vimeo Creator Q&A: Series on Series on Series, Part 1 and Vimeo Creator Q&A: Series on Series on Series, Part 2 and go watch the rest of the featured series. It's all amazing and inspiring work!

All Over It / A New Web Comedy has launched
May 03, 2015

Melissa Silverman News
I am very excited to announce that Ted Pauly and my comedy All Over It has launched. You can find all 9 episodes NOW online for your viewing pleasure.. Watch HERE!

A bit about the show!
All Over It follows a collective of four co-living/co-working Philadelphia artists (the Batatat Collective) masquerading as an ad agency and struggling mightily to sell out.  It stars Kate Dearing, Alex Malaos, Chris O'Brien, Nadia Quinn (Summer & Eve Explains Things), and Jim Santangeli (Gary Saves the Graveyard), and features guest stars Ben Sinclair (High Maintenance) and H. Jon Benjamin (Archer, Bob's Burgers). 

In the 9 short serial installments that make up the first season, Batatat try to surmount internecine conflict, external threats, plumbing crises, still-raw romantic detritus, and brutal shiftlessness to pitch Ron and John's Magic Rag Car Wash on a rebranding campaign.  Or do they?  They do, but the point is you don't know how yet.  That's why you have to watch.  

School's Out
Oct 28, 2014

Melissa Silverman News
Check out my latest work for United Way. I am so happy to be involved with such an amazing organization--and to throw this seminal Alice Cooper anthem in the mix is just the icing on the cake! This shoot was easily the most fun I've had in recent time. Full disclosure: you will be singing this song on repeat. Guaranteed. Hope you enjoy!

New work for you
Jan 27, 2014

Melissa Silverman News
I am very excited to share my latest work that I directed for Consumer's Energy. I had the pleasure of collaborating with their awesome team and the amazing people at Campbell Ewald and 1st Avenue Machine. I was thrilled to be shooting in Detroit again and look forward to doing it again soon! You can find the Consumer's Energy Safe spot in my COMMERCIAL section.

More new work
Jan 16, 2014

Melissa Silverman News
Happy to share a few sneak peeks of Ted Pauly and my new comedy pilot, All Over It. Please check it out, it's all over there, right there at the DIGITAL / TV hope you enjoy!

Back from Moscow
Oct 04, 2013

Melissa Silverman News
Happy spring. For those of us in New York, I hope everyone is taking advantage of this insanely amazing burst of sun, Vitamin D and warmth (I can only assume it will snow again soon..) I'm back on the block and had an amazing time working with the fabulous people of Bazelevs and BBDOin Moscow. Check back soon- I'm excited to share that work!

Back from Detroit
Jul 22, 2013

Melissa Silverman News
Happy Summer everyone! Sorry for being remiss in updates as of late. It's been a bit craz. I am just back from an amazing shoot in Detroit. While there I was able to do some exploring and check out so much of the incredible architecture. Also, you MUST visit the DETROIT INSTITUTE OF ARTS if you are planning a trip to Detroit. It's truly one of the most amazing museums I have ever seen. I'll be posting my latest work soon--stay tuned!

Congratulations to Jennifer Lawrence!
Apr 02, 2013

Melissa Silverman News
Very excited for Jennifer Lawrence and her Best Actress win at the 2013 SAG Awards. Jennifer first earned her SAG card for her work in a series of MTV Promos that I cast and directed her in for MTV On-Air Promos. She graciously took the time to thank MTV for this break. Go Jennifer-- and best of luck at the Oscars!

You can watch Jennifer in my MTV My Super Sweet 16 promos in this Vulture article HERE and see her speech in this Huffington Post article HERE.

More exciting news from S. Africa!
Nov 21, 2012

Melissa Silverman News
I am excited to be represented by Groundglass for commercial work in the South African market. Janette, Debs and their awesome crew are taking great care of me and I'm super excited for what the future holds. You can see their kind words about our teaming up together HERE!

Snappy snap photo news
Jul 10, 2012

Melissa Silverman News
This is a double day of updates but I also wanted to let you know about some exciting news on the photography front. I'm going to be participating in a very cool art event in NYC this February. I'll keep you posted on more details shortly..please check back for more news. I'm excited to see all my New York friends!

We love it!
Jul 10, 2012

Melissa Silverman News
Call me a lemming to whatever Randy Newman has to say.. I've decided to take the (temporary?) plunge and move Melissa Silverman operations to the land of Randy, Angelyne and my first warm winter in as long as I can remember. I'm very excited to be here and am already feeling extra inspired by my cross country leap. Keep checking back for some updates on some fun projects that I am brewing up. And in the meantime, please enjoy this video! We love it! It's an old one but still evergreen.

Adcolor Awards
Aug 31, 2011

Melissa Silverman News
Happy end of summer! I'm proud to be part of the ADCOLOR AWARDS 2011. I recently directed this comedy spot promoting and celebrating this top advertising industry honor. Please check out the 2011 ADCOLOR AWARDS- AIRPORT spot here. ADCOLOR. It's Kind of a big deal.

Summer Summer Summertime...
Aug 30, 2011

Melissa Silverman News
Apologies as I have been remiss in any sort of updates whatsoever. I guess that is a good thing it has been busy (good busy) and I'm catching up now. I just finished up a really fun stint as a director on JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE. I had an awesome time working with everyone there and got to direct some funny bits. You can check out the segments that I directed here. Hope that you enjoy! I now need to get back to figuring out what the Jam of Summer 2011 is... thoughts?

It's Wednesday.. time for one of my fav campaigns!
Mar 24, 2011

Melissa Silverman News
Someone just shared a link to one of my all time favorite MTV campaigns that I created, creative directed and directed (along with 35 others!), MTV COORDINATES. Relying entirely on still images and graphics, the concept was to interpret universal themes as seen by photographers and directors around the world. After I pitched the concept (to a conf call in like 8 time zones), we got every MTV worldwide to sign on. Many months, photos and creately inspired conversations later, we had completed the first truly collaborative, 20+ spot campaign of its kind. And the excerpts can be seen on the D&AD site HERE. Happy viewing!

My NYC photography exhibit is open
Mar 16, 2011

Melissa Silverman News
If you are in NYC, please come by and check it out!
Art Bazaar at Lyons Wier Gallery
February 18-March 13
175 Seventh Ave (20th St.)
+1 646 588 5252
You can find my latest photography work here

News coming soon!
Feb 10, 2010

Hellllooooo it has been way too long and updates are way overdue. This will change very shortly but in the interim, please enjoy this slice of weekend awesomeness which sort of sums it all up.

My new photography site is UP!
Feb 02, 2010

Melissa Silverman News
Hello friends!

I've been a busy bee working on my photography site and I'm happy to say that it is now part of the magical, mystical land of the internet.

Please take a look:

I'm continuing to add to the galleries and make minor changes so please check back often.Additionally, there is an option on the bottom lefthand corner where you can 'email image' and send a little note. Feel free to share with anyone that you think might enjoy...

Happy Perusing!

Soul Train Awards success!
Dec 15, 2009

Congratulations to Centric for doing such a great job with the show! It was the highest rated 4th quarter show in BET's history, drawing 4 million viewers. Awesome work by all, I'm thrilled to have been a part of such a fun project.

The Soouuuuul Train...
Nov 15, 2009

Melissa Silverman News
..has arrived! I'm super excited to share the brand new promo campaign which I just directed for the 2009 Soul Train Awards on Centric and BET. I had the distinct pleasure of working with Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson who are hosting the show and hilarious together in these spots. Just mosey over to the VIDEO section of my site and check them out. The Soul Train Awards air November 29th on Centric and sure to watch! Also, for those who might need a fix of the original Soul Train series (quite possibly the best ever..). I've posted a link to their Youtube page below. Enjoy! Watch Soul Train here!

Emmy time (time to break out the Riunite!)
Oct 15, 2009

Big news at HQ... I just got word that my latest branding campaign for Nickelodeon's Noggin is nominated for an Emmy! I hope this means I get to break out a Bob Mackie bedazzled gown circa Dynasty and hang with Susan Lucci. I'll keep you posted on any more developments. If you haven't already, please mosey over to my work section and take a looksie.. Woo hoo.

And while on the topic of Riunite and Susan Lucci, why not take a look at this bit of commercial magique. So nice.

Going East
Aug 07, 2009

I realized that I should take a minute to share pretty new and definitely exciting news involving my pursuit of being a true director internationale (there should be an accent or umlaut or something here but can't figure it out right now..) style. I am now represented by the good people at Go East Films who are taking awesome care of me in the ever expanding Eastern European market. Just this spring, I jetted off to Moscow to shoot. If you happen to have potential projects for me in this region or just want to meet some extremely cool people, give em a shout. You can check them out here

Fotos de Cuba!
Aug 07, 2009

Melissa Silverman News
Doing a full 180 (and 50+ degree shift in temperature) from my Iceland photo story earlier this week, I'm excited to share the link to the new issue of MIAMI Magazine featuring photography that I recently shot in Havana. I'm so excited to be part of this story. Please have a look and hope you enjoy. Check it aquí!

My photos + FRMag = out now
Apr 30, 2009

Melissa Silverman News
Exciting news on my photography front. The awesome FRMAG has just released their Spring 09 edition and I'm psyched to say that included is a photo story that I recently shot in Iceland. Please take a look! FRMAG click here

LA Living
Apr 04, 2009

Hello there. Since last we spoke, I have made a 75+ degree swing (for the better) and landed out in sunny Los Angeles. I'm out here to work with the good people of Nickelodeon for a big branding campaign of a new show. Can't wait to start shooting Monday as we have lots of crazy trampoline action on the horizon. I also can't wait to feast on the world's best Chilaquiles at Loteria (and yet another reason why The Farmers Market rules..) On a side note, I'm happy to announce that the buggy viewing of my site in Safari has been resolved due to the technological savvy kindness of Philip Vasilevski at Tessuto. You should hit them up for all your programming and web design needs. Check them out here. Awesome. Hope all is well. And coming soon.. photos from Moscow!

Greetings from Russian
Mar 02, 2009

Melissa Silverman News
Hello friends... this posting is coming to you from beautiful Moscow. I arrived but 2 days ago and have been thrown into a whirlwind of shoot prepping and mad dashing around. I'd argue scouting is the best way to see any new city so
I am thoroughly enjoying it except for the arctic. And I mean ARCTIC temperatures... brrrrrr. That is an understatement. I lack the crazy big hats and super puffy jackets. But I totally do have the babushka style scarf/hat thingy so all is good. Anyway, I will hopefully report back with some good tales. Oh, also, since last I've updated (man, I've been slacking..), I was fortunate enough to go to Havana. What an amazing and fascinating experience. I've posted a collection of photos in the PHOTOGRAPHY section. Please check em out!
Until later, до свидания.

Easy Breezy
Mar 02, 2009

Melissa Silverman News
I am proud to announce the launch of Adult Contemporary Sundays. Time to chill the Reunite and to break out the Harvey's Bristol Creme... Please tune in every Sunday for your favorites of the 'Adult Contemporary' genre. Requests are welcome... Please click here!

Sorry for the news lag
Oct 13, 2008

Melissa Silverman News
Apologies for my super lame lack on anything new in this section. It's not for lack of news but for being a buzy bee and a little bit of website laze. But enough about that.. I am finishing up a really fun shoot here in Iceland where I was working with new and cool people. And shooting in this amazing, old abandoned Marshall Plan era factory. Totally wild. Yesterday, I had my first day off and trekked to the magnificent Jökulsárlón glacier. It's just so gorgeous and awe inspiring that I've posted a pic to start your week. Minty fresh goodness.. photos to be posted soon. Promise.

Back from Texsass
Jul 04, 2008

Melissa Silverman News
Hello friends! it has been a minute... but I am back from my stint in Austin. I loved working there and recommend that you all pay the city a visit if you've never been. while there, please swing by smitty's meats (off hwy 183 in lockhart). Even a vegetarian can appreciate the awesomeness that is this smokehouse/purveyor of all things meat. i will be updating my site this week and adding lots of photos so please check em out.. also, it has been brought to my attention that my site is best viewed with firefox (particularly the videos) if ya got it, please use... I will get on fixing that stat.

The future is now
Mar 15, 2008

Today's update is more of a public service to you, the good people who stop by every so often to check out the goings ons about Melissa Silverman HQ.  I want to encourage and insist that you stop by the latest and greatest contribution that Ron Silverado has made to the face of media.  Hobo Highlife has launched and with that hours of viewing enjoyment for you.   Take a stroll over to Hobo Highlife.

Canal St
Mar 15, 2008

Melissa Silverman News
I continue to be shocked by buildings that are being taken down with relatively rapid fire speed. I just discovered that the building above was knocked down. very sad. And where will these guys hang out now?

Photo Lagging
Jan 28, 2008

i am sorry to report that my trusty little camera that i mistreated and kept shoved in my coat pocket has suffered an untimely death. alas, i have been slacking on the photo front but am going to get over to b&h this week (looking forward to the airborne dr. seussian merchandise trolleys that await me over there.) any recommendations for a good little digital point and shoot? i'm pretty much a canon camera gal but could be persuaded otherwise.

Server Slowdown
Jan 18, 2008

Melissa Silverman News
Sorry for any weirdness or delays that my site might be experiencing. it seems there is some sort of server maintenance happening today which might be causing some shakedown breakdowns... hm. if only i had any idea what the email explanation they sent me meant. way too much tech talk for a somewhat tech impaired lass like myself to fully grasp. regardless, hopefully operations will be chuggin along in no time. in the meantime, should have some new spots up shortly.. check back soon.

Nov 07, 2007

Melissa Silverman News
Hello. so with this little 'news' section i guess i have been light on any sort of updates. but maybe that's better. half the time, people are just like, jeesh, and what makes ___ think we really care about whatever they are blabbin about. so i guess i am sparing you fodder on which to comment. in any case, i have been busy getting ready to head off to LA and then a project in ATL. very exciting as i think i've spent 11 hours in atlanta to date. any recommendations?? send em my way! oh, also, i've been adding more photos so check em out wont you? today also marked the first game of the tennis game for one time actual players that i am a part of. a sight to behold. truly. happy fall.

Not so Metsmerized
Sep 30, 2007

Melissa Silverman News
When asked what went wrong, Pedro Martinez didn't pull any punches.
"Everything," he said. "We're a team, we go down together. We -- -- it up as a team. Plain and simple."

**'collage' courtesy of billy courtesy of ??